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Casamance Symbiose Fabrics

Symbiose by Casamance textiles artfully blends natural linen with botanical motifs. A tribute to exquisite materials, it harmoniously marries pollen and moss, creating a tapestry of nature in your living space. The luxury textiles, be it prints or embroideries on linen fabrics, are a testament to timeless beauty. Lunaria fabric from the Symbiose collection infuses interiors with a floral burst. Complementing this, Paleole introduces timeless striped character, while Anthere offers a subtly abstract stripe, ideal for curtains, cushions, and blinds throughout the home. These luxury designer fabrics are perfect for a botanical or bohemian themed interior, bringing nature closer to home. With our made to measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery services, you can further accentuate the natural beauty of Symbiose in your home.

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