Casamance Mythique Fabric

Casamance Mythique Fabrics
Casamance Mythique fabric range through its play on light throughout the fabrics, its sumptuous textured effects, its silky, fascinating feel, a tasteful, restrained contemporary refinement takes its rightful place. Silky fabrics like Croisette, refined minimalist geometric fabric patterns like Cinema, and iridescent shades enhanced by laminations, complete this delicately modern style of fabrics, a la Marlene. It features in neutral hues such as beiges, whites, pearl or blue greys which suggests luxury and sophistication. It is lifted with glossy laminated foils and magnified by the intensity of midnight blue, Bordeaux and copper orange. Refinement and elegance designed by Casamance fabrics. But the full range online including Casamance Mythique fabrics.
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