Casamance Kebaya Fabric

Casamance Kebaya Fabrics
Casamance Kebaya fabrics explores exotic nature to help unveil our senses, in a melting pot of intense, spicy tones. The ranges have a number of designer fabrics with different finishes like enhanced linen, digital printing on cotton satin seen on the design of Ubud, matt and glossy embroidery effects as per their Banyan fabric and Padi fabric designs, two-tone velvets like Filaos with a marked relief, so a lot going on in this range. Colour wise, Kaki shades, verdigris, moss green and bottle green all pledging allegiance to the essence of the forest, but there are also new colours to play with, from midnight blue and Marsala, notes of saffron, orange, Burnt Sienna and Bordeaux. A leading pattern from this range is the Melukat Fabrics. Explore the full range of Casamance fabrics including the recent Kebaya fabrics online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.
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