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Casamance Galerie Fabrics

The Galerie collection by Casamance celebrates the core essence of minerality, reflecting the splendour of raw marble and the allure of its veins. Each fabric expresses this theme through structured designs, satin finishes, and a play of light on the surface, alluding to the timeless beauty of stone architecture. The Galerie collection lends itself wonderfully to crafting bespoke curtains or custom headboards, perfect for coastal, country or nautical style spaces.

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Two standout designs from the Galerie collection are the Galerie and Bachaumont. Galerie is a balanced composition of polyester, viscose, linen, cotton, and acrylic, which renders a sophisticated plain pattern. This versatile fabric is an excellent choice for custom-made curtains and upholstery. On the other hand, the Bachaumont design, rich in viscose, polyester, and acrylic, captures the essence of modern, contemporary, and country styles. Ideal for making curtains and seating, this design is perfect for those seeking to infuse their interiors with a unique and stylish aesthetic. Furthermore, our bespoke services can assist you in leveraging these collections to accentuate the beauty of your interiors. Whether you need made-to-measure roman blinds or custom-made curtains in the UK, our design advice and decoration services are always available.