Casamance Flores Fabric

Casamance Flores Fabrics
Casamance fabrics invite you to step into their Flores collection just as you step and look around into nature. Featuring nine designs with some more suited to upholstery than curtaining the designs have some variety and depth to create an interior setting with. From the chunky textural weaves of Caldera and Chamarel, to the smart looking Komodo and Lanata the collection is equally balanced between plain, semi plain and patterned. In the pattern corner your have the standout toile floral scene of Larimar which features heavily in the advertising of the collection and looks incredibly inviting where used as a curtain fabric available in five lovely colour options. Another dominate pattern is Tereshchenko a colourful embroidery fabric featuring lush tropical wild and refined vegetation found on tropical islands which is sure to cause and impact where used for curtaining and the five colour options work incredibly well for the on trend paint colours leading to the darker end of the spectrum. Panthere features a motif with more wild tropical leaves this time with only three colour choices it can really make an impact on upholstery. Palem equally looks great where used as decorative cushions a two-tone pattern with lush leaves spread out over the design, with a silky sheen it can add a focal point either used for curtain, cushions and or upholstery. Explore these fabrics that continue the tropical fabric theme exploring lush jungle inspirations creating a contrast between the different materials used for each design, with matte and glossy finishes a collection that mirrors the island of Flores.
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