Casamance Costa Verde Fabric

Casamance Costa Verde Fabrics
As the name suggests Casamance Costa Verde Fabrics are inspired by the tropical rainforests of South America. It explores all kinds of designs through amazonian inspiration and in this collection, we find the luxuriant forest in an embroidered foliage displayed on their Maranta design. The reflection of the sky in the satin of a jacquard is opened up to a wealth of possibilities in Manu. While the soft touch of the breeze in a linen voile is expressed in the Otorongo voile design. Where would we be in a forest if not surrounded by the bark of a tree which is further explored in the extravagant textured fabrics of Lupuna and Métissage, while the softness of a leaf in the elegance of a lovely Pilea velvet fabric. An array of Casamance fabrics suitable for both upholstery and curtain useage.
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