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Casamance Avenue Marceau Fabrics

Inspired by one of Paris's most elite avenues, the Avenue Marceau collection by Casamance offers an ornate touch to interiors. The fabrics in this range dance between matte and glossy finishes, reminiscent of Parisian elegance. If you're leaning towards a classic or traditional interior theme, this collection offers the luxury curtain fabric and high-end textiles that capture the radiance of the City of Light. Classic parisian style is explored and displayed with such designs as the damask of the Boetie fabric and the abstract expressive design of Marigny.Use these textiles to grace your curtains or add that perfect touch of opulence with our tailored upholstery services. As you embark on this interior design journey, our experts are available to provide guidance and advice to seamlessly incorporate Avenue Marceau into your decor.

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