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Camengo Manosque Fabrics

Manosque revives the timeless allure of a sprawling family abode, echoing sentiments of unity, comfort, and legacy. Every fabric tells a tale of memories, heritage, and timeless moments shared across generations. This luxury velvet fabric from camengo textiles is a testament to homes deeply cherished by their inhabitants. Tailored to fit classic interiors, the Manosque collection can be paired with our made to order curtains and bespoke roman blinds, ensuring a cohesive look throughout.

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Camengo Manosque Fabrics
Camengo Manosque Fabrics features seven designs that have a sophisticated elegance, fabric designs from previous collections brought together into this collection to work alongside one another. A dazzling trellis design in the form of Volute, spectacular geometrics with their Air and Erosion patterns, supported by the classic damask design of the aptly named Timeless fabric. The stripe of Rayure is comforted by the abstract art of Ecorce. Last but not least is Faience. Explore this range together with the full collection of Camengo Fabrics online.