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Camengo Into The Wild Fabrics

Delve into a verdant world with Camengo's Into The Wild collection. Transporting you to a dense tropical jungle, it showcases the splendour of nature's flora and fauna. The patterns encapsulate tales of grand adventures and man's harmonious existence with nature. Featuring designs reminiscent of intricate botanic illustrations, they resonate with the maximalist trend of the season. The collection gleams with the Camengo signature – a fresh, vibrant palette. Such luxury fabrics find a fit in diverse interiors, exuding both charm and wilderness. Looking for bespoke curtains or custom roman blinds? Our expert services cater to your every need, offering tailored finishes that encapsulate luxury and nature's grandeur.

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Camengo Into The Wild Fabrics, Let's enter the heart of an infinitely rich and wild tropical jungle: the fauna and flora reign majestically, showing off their colours and their beauty in all their splendour. We tell stories, of extraordinary adventures where Man learns to...