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Blendworth Library Fabrics
Textile archives, the libraries of interior fabric companies are one of the most revered and treasured assets in this industry today. They define the heritage of a company cataloging the styles, adventures and eras within it. Their revitalisation is as important for both future as well as current generations to enjoy, buy into and understand the value and worth of a brand. The Blendworth archive is an eclectic mix dating back almost a century, many of its precious cloths were only just recently discovered and lovingly restored. Among the most notable treasures are an array of the most sumptuous and unusual damasks in an abundance of styles and tones; a myriad of botanicals, small florals, foliage, paisleys, geometrics, toiles and conversationals. A tapestry license for 'Buckingham Tapestries' adds another string to the diverse selection as does the array of beautiful 'Tree of Life' designs in differing styles and scales. The Blendworth studio selected styles most suited to the way they create. Unusual, yet commercial and desirable pieces of hand drawn and painted art work have translated beautifully onto cloth, offering an insight into the Blendworth archive never seen before. As many different styles as possible have been incorporated into the collection whilst still keeping it cohesive but interesting. Take for example the paisley fabric design of Frederick which is of Persian origin, a symbol of life and eternity and often thought to derive from a cedar tree, paisleys, named after the town in West Scotland where they were heavily produced have always represented luxury. While the Rodbourn fabric is a stylish re-interpretation of an Arts and Crafts repeat, inspired by one of the many screen proofs housed within the Blendworth archive. The design was hand drawn with marker pen. Full of reeds and rushes, water iris and helibores which complement magestic kingfishers and bee-eaters. All artwork has been created from scratch in-house and most designs have been hand drawn and painted in repeat, a variety of mediums have been used to offer different and inventive designs transferring beautifully onto tinted velvet, bleached and scoured cottons, linens and tapestry cloths. A select mix of digital and rotary print offer along with base cloth, print method and colour the most beautiful version of each design. The Blendworth damasks are the most important design source within the archive and contribute to almost every design in the collection in some way or another.