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Blendworth Celia Birtwell Classics Fabrics
The design houses of Blendworth fabrics and Celia Birtwell have come together to re-launch Celia Birtwell's Classic designs. A series of prints already well loved within the interiors market has been given a new lease of life with a Blendworth twist whilst retaining Celia's distinctive style. The collection is presented on fabric as four designs and twenty-eight colour ways printed on linen union. Designs included is the Jacobean Fabric design where tumbling foliage was entwined with her signature hearts, dots and insects creating a multi-directional scrolling historic design. The Beasties Fabric pattern was inspired by a similar design called Little Animals drawn from an embroidery circa 17th century in the V&A, and the foliage within the design was inspired by a tapestry from the same period. A true bohemian and one of the most important and iconic textile designers of her generation, Celia 'is the face that launched a thousand prints, enchanting and inspiring her fans across the globe for the past five decades'. Designing with a desire to amuse herself and her audience, her unique, innovative witty style is timeless, yet like many true artists she sought to find a mentor who could help her realise her vision and goal, bringing her 'Classic' designs to a wider audience, hence the creative synergy with Blendworth interiors began. Buy the full range of Blendworth Celia Birtwell fabrics online at TM Interiors Limited.