Anthology Azuri Fabric

Anthology Azuri Fabrics
Anthology Azuri Velvet Fabrics, are a sumptuous yet practical range of velvets, which comes in eight mouth-watering shades. Extremely durable, Azuri Velvets are suitable for contract and domestic drapes and upholstery (Martindale rub test 50K+). Design names inspired by Japanese culture like Hibiki meaning 'sound', or 'echo' in Japanese is a two-tone velvet fabric with a subtle, ribbed texture, and Ikko which means 'fragment' in Japanese, is a cutting-edge plush velvet, inspired by the crevices found in ancient tree bark, and fissures created in the arid, cracked earth. Veda is A deliciously tactile, deep pile velvet in a sumptuous colour palette of warm mineral tones and rich jewel shades, suitable for curtains and upholstery. Azuir completes this range velvets. Powerful and eye-catching, they pack a real punch in their own right, as well as working in harmony with the other Anthology fabrics. Explore these delightful upholstery fabrics and lift your furniture with these designs.
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