Tiber F1736-84 Fabric

Product Code
Collection: Tiber II
Tiber F1736-84 Apple by Designers Guild
A wonderfully glamorous satin with sumptuous drape and handle in more than 100 colours, suitable for a multitude of end uses.


  • Tiber F1736-01
  • Tiber F1736-26
  • Tiber F1736-11
  • Tiber F1736-03
  • Tiber F1736-12
  • Tiber F1736-46
  • Tiber F1736-02
  • Tiber F1736-09
  • Tiber F1736-34
  • Tiber F1736-13
  • Tiber F1736-31
  • Tiber F1736-28