Mark Alexander Paperweave Wallpaper

Mark Alexander Paperweave Wallcoverings and wallpapers are part of a luxury textured wallcovering range from Mark Alexander that’s aim is to turn every wall into a unique focal point on your design scheme by creating high end wallcoverings crafted from the finest natural materials. This range has a number of elegant, handwoven designs available in different natural shades and each designs draws on traditional Japanese techniques. Finely cut ribbons of paper are spun to create a variety of yarns which are dyed with subtle tonal variation, then handwoven before being backed and trimmed. Their Ori design displays irregular shaped paper threads, in light neutral tones, that provide a unique and an eye-catching contrast to the coloured paper backing with an intriguing texture to add further dimension and focus to a room. Shifu is gently textured, and is presented in a broad palette of natural tones, that has paper yarns of various thickness, that create a beautifully irregular and open hand weave that contrasts subtly with the coloured paper backing. These understated, easy-to-use designs are a great wall to add some luxury and dimension to any interior setting and are presented in a range of natural hues, staying true to the brand of Mark Alexander’s reserved aesthetic.
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