Mark Alexander Collage Wallpaper

Mark Alexander Collage wallcoverings works with natural materials such as grasscloth, Japanese paper and plant fibres, and Collage is also a fascinating creative journey that explores a range of inventive handcraft techniques. Like Network for example which has a striking linear design of stitched squares in this unique, textural wallcovering that features a mix of Japanese papers, crumpled, hand-coloured and mounted on a paper backing that bring texture and depth to this diverse textured wallcovering design. Anagram is also a bold design that has subtle and complex layers of hand-stencilled Japanese papers which been cut into strips that have then been deliberately offset, and re-woven by hand to create something truly artisan and unique. Square Cut is a stunning panel effect wallcovering where cut squares of handwoven sisal are juxtaposed to create something different for your walls. As you can see a diverse range of designs that feature on printed grasscloth, stitched paper, handwoven abaca and appliquéd botanical fibres that all come together for an eye-catching collection of high-end naturally beautiful wallcoverings that are truly unique.
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