Sanderson Embleton Bay Fabrics

Sanderson Embleton Bay Fabrics
Dreamy colourways embody ever-changing landscapes in the Sanderson Embleton Bay Fabrics collection that evokes favourite memories and a feeling of timeless calm. These fabrics aim to effortlessly blend the serenity of the British coastline with the harmony of nature. Capturing the essence of this peaceful wilderness, sketchbook drawings and watercolours translate into a range of nine printed fabrics and two embroideries. The title fabric Embleton is created by tearing tissue paper to replicate the translucent vivacity of poppy petals, which creates a picture of exuberant wind-swept poppies in abundant full bloom, a striking addition alongside the Modern toiles like Sea Houses and trailing motifs, like Summer Harvest, Thistle Garden and Wild Angelica. Both digitally and traditionally printed, this range is accompanied by fine embroideries like the Pressed Flowers design, weaves and broad linen stripes, imitating the understated textures and finishes found in the natural world. For elegant coordination, consider combining with Embleton Bay Weaves, and a papers. Browse the fourteen designs housed in this costal collection of Sanderson Fabrics.
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