Sanderson Elysian Fabric

Sanderson Elysian Fabrics
Explore the country interior theme with the Sanderson Elysian Fabrics that comes inspired by ancient woodlands, native wildlife and rare and beautiful plants. Elysian from Sanderson fabrics combines country style with the elegance of remote landscapes and native wildlife. The range features fourteen impressive and detailed hand drawn designs that includes wide eyed owls, majestic deer and greylag geese meet shimmering clouds and trailing florals, capturing the beauty of the natural world. The self-titled Elysian Fabric is taken from a landscape artist's original painting, abstract shades and impressionist brush marks capture the ancient beauty of the natural world in this stunning printed fabric. Tattershall is a lovely Sanderson archive piece that gets re-ignited in this collection, which is actually thought to date back to the 1920s, and repainted in a more contemporary inky style, this beautiful fabric retains the original peony and pheasant design. The Sanderson Dahlia & Rosehip Velvet fabric is of outstanding design and quality, a collection of flora adorns this sumptuous velvet fabric that is both ideal for plush curtains or upholstery. So, the Elysian fabric collection is a mix that comprises of nine prints, three embroideries and one jacquard in sumptuous rich colourways such as Mulberry, Forest, Copper and Fig. Anyone who loves the country cottage theme should explore along with the range of co-ordinating Elysian wallpapers is also available.
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