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Mark Alexander Outline Fabrics
This collection of Mark Alexander Outline Fabrics contains fine quality epinglés that have been developed in collaboration with a mill in the Flemish countryside, whose rare needle-fine wire looms weave epinglé velvets that are unmatched in the world. In each designs it outlines the craft process which takes time, commitment and a wealth of knowledge gained through generations of accumulated expertise. Take their Salient fabric design which is a modern fabric built on age-old traditions, to create a precise pattern of densely woven geometric shapes set amongst intricate loops of cotton strié, all with a soft, supple texture. Or Cubist where a checkerboard pattern is formed of alternating lines of loop and cut pile to display fine technical detail on this épingle velvet. In many of the designs they allude to Modernist simplicity with geometrics with an architectural flavour and stripes with a strié warp, to create restrained but individual upholstery fabrics for a modern sofa or chair. These cut velvets, in the Outline Fabric range have a historic quality reminiscent of royal palaces and elegant mansions, given a Modernist new century feel.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.