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Mark Alexander Handcrafted Modern II Fabrics
Sophisticated and innovative techniques can be found in Mark Alexander Handcrafted Modern II Fabrics, that includes a randomly-sprayed weft yarn and a flammé yarn which varies in thickness along its length, which gives a freeform appearance of the weaver's hand-loom to this collection, with its interplay between linen and wool, in soft natural shades. A great deal of modern craft has gone into producing these weaves, which appear so delightfully haphazard. Take the Crosstown fabric as an example where loosely architectural shapes woven in thick linen yarns in contrasting tones create this modern cloth. While Coda with an overall relaxed and vintage appearance has twisting loops of a linen and wool bouclé burst out from this tightly woven textural cloth to give the spirit of a hand-loomed antiquity. Many of the designs have the look of ancient fabrics, yet they have all the advantages of a modern production. It is this very rustic artisanal feel which lends character and punch to a sleek modern sofa and looks comfortable on a craftsman-made chair of any era. Get artisan with Mark Alexander Handcrafted Modern II Fabrics and craft away.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.