Varese F1190-58 Fabric

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Collection: Varese
Varese Emerald from the Varese range of fabrics presents this magnificent 100% cotton plain velvet with amazing durability and burnished grace. Best for curtains, bedspreads, cushions and upholstery. An array of colours and affordable prices making it the choice of many from designers guild fabrics.


  • Varese F1190-56
  • Varese F1190-53
  • Varese F1190-49
  • Varese F1190-22
  • Varese F1190-68
  • Varese F1190-29
  • Varese F1190-65
  • Varese F1190-42
  • Varese F1190-52
  • Varese F1190-71
  • Varese F1190-59
  • Varese F1190-27
  • Varese F1190-69
  • Varese F1190-41
  • Varese F1190-38