Villa Nova Picturebook Wallpaper

Villa Nova Picturebook Wallpapers is where the story can begin when search for children's wallpaper. Awaken your inner child and take an adventure in illustration with the Picturebook Wallcoverings collection; designed in collaboration with three internationally renowned children's book illustrators: Frann Preston-Gannon, Christopher Corr and Yuval Zommer. It displays a wondrous collection of imaginative and ingenious wallcoverings, murals and wall stickers with patterns and characters straight from the pages of a picture book. From Dots to Twinkles, and even Wiggles where playful wiggly lines twist and turn to create a horizontal stripe, you and your child are spoilt for choice and inspiration if looking for kids wallpaper. If it gets too much then consider a Daydream, so you may dream with your head in the fluffy clouds, and even consider putting it on you wall as this beautiful sky scape is a perfect backdrop to create a restful children's room. The collection houses an enormous selection of children's wallcoverings of the highest standard.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.
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