Sandberg Oas Wallpaper

In the Oasis, time pauses for a moment. It is a sanctuary where you have time to ground yourself, visually and spiritually, surrounded by muted pastel colours, lush vegetation, dark midnight shades and irregular brush strokes. All surrounded by soft colours and the organic leaves of the black elder. Every shade, every pattern tells a story, and yet allows you to create our own. It is a place for deep conversation and moments of confidentiality, where you can draw strength by allowing the atmosphere sink into your skin. It is a place where the body and soul can land softly in a careful composition of colour, deep and vibrant, soft and heartfelt, wild and beautiful. View their splendid Ilse Wallpaper, a striking geometric pattern with a large scale in green, grey and stone colours. A clever design of various stripes giving the illusion of flowing fabric or hill slopes in a graduating green. Another superb pattern of the collection is the Midnatt wallcovering, an amazing colour wash effect skyline design in shades of midnight blue. Explore the entire collection of Sandberg Oas Wallpapers online, and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited for all you home furnishing needs.
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