Harlequin Book of Little Treasures Wallpaper

New for AW20, Harlequin presents Little Treasures, a playful collection of 22 wallpapers created with love, for the little people in our lives. Think of each design or character as the chapter of a favourite book and conjure up what happens next. Above and Below is an explorers paradise awaits as we head off across the calm, blue sea. Swim amongst tropical fish and jagged coral, then hunt for hidden treasure in this fascinating underwater world. Drop anchor and look to the skies where swooping birds take flight above gently bobbing fishing boats. While Into The Wild is a journey through this midnight jungle of acacia leaves and tall trees in search of friendly giraffes, proud lions, striped zebras and majestic elephants. Or get Out Of This World by turnning bedrooms into space stations and explore a galaxy of orbiting planets and shimmering metallic stars and look out into the cosmos and moonwalk amongst the textural ground of this fabulous Harlequin Wallpaper. Whether you're ringside at the circus, flying high amongst starlit skies, wishing on colourful rainbows or exploring with creatures great or small, Little Treasures is all about bringing imaginations to life and having fun. Complete the look with Little Treasures Fabrics.

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