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Elitis Art paper Wallpapers

Experience an adventure in abstract art with the Élitis Art Paper collection. Each design within this collection is an homage to the artistic masters of the 20th century, boasting geometric artworks created by the skilled hands of Marie Papillaud and Vincent Gevin. Each piece in the collection uses artisanal mulberry and tissue papers – either uncoloured or tinted with natural pigments – completely cut out and crafted by hand. Immerse yourself in the varying textures and reliefs of this luxury wallpaper collection. The Art Paper collection by Élitis offers more than just wall coverings, it offers true pieces of art.

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In the world of designer wallpapers, the Élitis Art Paper collection stands out for its unique approach to wall coverings. It's not merely a product; it's a journey into a world of textured poetry, where each piece defies categorisation. This collection is born from the artistic expertise of Marie Papillaud and Vincent Gevin, who've meticulously crafted each design by hand. Notable designs in this collection include the Izu, with its captivating abstract patterns and the Naoshima design, an artwork that mirrors the unpredictable beauty of nature. Other designs like Okinawa, Jima, Tokara, and Amami bring a sense of raw, natural beauty to any space. Each piece is sold by the meter and printed on thick, high-quality paper that captures the aesthetic of the greats of 20th-century pictorial art. The uniqueness of these wallpapers stems from their material – artisanal mulberry and tissue papers. The textures vary with the quality of the paper, from thick and heavy to fine and transparent. It's this juxtaposition of textures that gives this collection its unique visual appeal. The result is a luxury wallcovering that brings an artistic touch to any interior space, adding depth, character, and a statement piece that is bound to start conversations. As you explore the Art Paper collection, you'll notice the velvety nature of the paper and its varying reliefs. These textures are not just visually appealing, but they also encourage touch, like the Jima Wallpaper design, making the wallpapers a sensory experience. Each design embodies the artisanal craftsmanship that is a cornerstone of the Élitis brand, bringing a piece of the artist's workshop into your home or workspace. Whether you're looking to add a bold statement to your living room, create an inspiring workspace, or bring an artistic touch to a commercial space, the Élitis Art Paper collection offers the perfect solution. Explore the range of designs and experience the transformative power of luxury wallcoverings for yourself. The Art Paper collection by Élitis not only transforms spaces, it also pushes the boundaries of what wallpaper can be - it is truly a celebration of craftsmanship, design, and the beauty of art.