Sanderson Caspian Prints & Embroideries Fabric

Sanderson Caspian Prints & Embroideries Fabrics
Sanderson Caspian Prints introduces the way for a new and exciting blend of tastes and textures with an exciting collection of designer fabrics from this established brand, where the Silk Road opened up a world of intriguing and captivating delights. A glorious mix of cultural styles, Sanderson Caspian's nine prints, three embroideries and one weave pave the way for a more playful and opulent approach to interior decorating, fusing exotic influences with a fluid versatility. Cantaloupe Velvet Fabric for examples takes lush stylised melons and intricate swirling leaves to create a bold statement fabric in beautiful rich colourways that showcase the subtle tonal movement and striking detail of this standout design. Siam Diamond has an Asian feel with a mirrored panel design and intricate small-scale florals, printed with broken lines to give the textured look of an Indian paisley. Indra Flower is a perfect way to liven up a room a print that creates a gloriously colourful trail of stylised birds and flowers with softly diffused edges from an archive design. Anaar Tree explores the world of Persia Printed on a lightly textured linen/viscous cloth, plump pomegranates hang from hand painted branches amongst this beautifully shaped tree an effective design. Sanderson Caspian prints and embroideries links the world of Asia with the Mediterranean Sea, and Caspian celebrates the colours, chintzes, ikats, Indo-Persian and Ottoman designs that travelled along this historic trading route. Buy online by the meter and find your perfect curtain and or upholstery fabric and consider our additional made to measure curtains and blind services.
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