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Morris and Co Rouen Velvets

The Rouen Velvets collection draws inspiration from William Morris's visits to France. Capturing the vibrancy of French cathedral interiors, Morris & Co. introduces seven iconic designs printed on luxurious 100% cotton velvet. Embrace a world where colour, texture, and pattern converge in unprecedented ways. This velvet range is ideal for drapes and upholstery, enhancing any space with a touch of opulence.

Morris and Co Rouen Velvets
Morris and Co Rouen Velvets
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Morris and Co Rouen Velvets Fabrics
Morris and Co Rouen Velvets Fabrics suitable for both curtains and upholstery, have been created for all the true fans of William Morris Velvet fabric designs and the Arts and Crafts movement and traditional interior design styles. The Artists early trips to France were formative on his designs for woven and printed textiles and his lifelong commitment to promoting craftmanship of the highest order, the founding principle of Morris & Co. Inspired by France's colour-infused cathedral interiors, Morris & Co Rouen Velvets introduce a sumptuous collection of seven iconic designs printed on luxurious 100% cotton velvet. Strawberry Thief and Honeysuckle & Tulip are printed on a sumptuous 100% cotton cloth, providing the perfect base to accentuate the richness of the collection’s jewel coloured tones, elevating Morris’s timeless and iconic designs even further. Sunflower Velvet also catches our eye, a striking pattern was first designed by William Morris in 1879 and displays a stylised sunflower on a sumptuous velvet ground, and comes available in three dramatic colourways, and like all of the designs is suitable for drapes and luxury curtains and upholstery. Another classic Morris Pattern Fruit has been carefully adapted in a variety of authentic colourways, like the magnificent, contemporary tones of Walnut and Bullrush. Be sure to explore this vibrant collection of William Morris Velvet fabric for either upholstery use or opulent curtains and consider pairing with other Morris & Co. designs to create a fascinating and immersive world full of all things Morris, embracing colour, texture and pattern in ways never seen before.