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Linwood Omega Prints II Fabrics

Omega Prints II enriches Linwood's fabric portfolio with a selection of velvets that captivate the senses. Fifteen exclusive designs draw from a global tapestry of inspirations, offering a spectrum from understated pastels to striking primary tones. The exclusive designs range from small geometrics in painterly styles like Crystal, Gem and Starship, to Moroccan Kilims and vintage Russian textiles seen in the designs of Bukhara, Fez, Java and Magic Carpet. This collection combines the tactile pleasure of velvet with the practicality of fire retardancy and washability. Suited to a range of interior styles, from the avant-garde to the classically elegant, Omega Prints II is designed for those who desire a fusion of artistic inspiration and functional sophistication. Our services complement these fabrics with custom-made curtains, tailored blinds, and expert design advice to bring a bespoke finish to any interior project.

Linwood Omega Prints II Fabrics
Linwood Omega Prints II Fabrics
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