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Country Charm captures the essence of laid back living, keeping it fresh with modern and vintage botanicals. Inspired by rural simplicity during Laura Ashley's time in the 70's when she lived in Wales at Rhydoldog House. Rosemore, inspired by an antique painted artwork from the archive, incorporates elegant roses, strawberries and elderflower. Teamed perfectly with Picardie, inspired by a printed antique quilt from the archive, this digitally printed large scale floral design featuring roses, foxgloves and buttercups is available on both a cotton ground as well as a multipurpose velvet. The prints capture a soft and natural essence of the countryside and the palette reflects the colours of nature. As well as floral prints this collection features Trecastle, an arts and craft block print reinterpreted as a beautiful jacquard, multipurpose cosy woven checks, trailing leaf jacquards and delicate embroidered trellises. Country Charm epitomises the British Heritage of the Laura Ashley brand.