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Designers Guild Opera Easyclean Fabrics

Revel in the practicality and style offered by Opera Easyclean. This collection brings together three distinct weaves, each featuring the brand's signature easy-clean finish. from the glamour of Opera velvet which has a dense luxurious pile and soft sheen, a stylish velvet that is the perfect fit for every interior application from upholstery to curtains, cushions and blinds to the more rustic style charm of Skye with its textured weave that from a blend of yarns including a touch of linen giving a beautiful natural look and feel. Crafted with precision by designers guild, these fabrics are not just visually appealing but also OekoTex certified, guaranteeing safety and quality. To further elevate your interiors, explore our offerings of custom length curtains or bespoke headboards.

Designers Guild Opera Easyclean Fabrics
Designers Guild Opera Easyclean Fabrics
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