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Designers Guild Moselle Vegetale Fabrics

Dive into the serene world of Moselle Vegetale, a unique blend of natural and neutral textures by Designer Guild. This collection offers a harmonious balance of linens and blended natural textures, encapsulating the essence of vegetable-derived tones in its designs. Moselle Vegetale is a celebration of Designers Guild's commitment to crafting fabrics that bring spaces to life. Its muted yet rich tones are perfect for creating an earthy, natural ambiance, making it a preferred choice for those looking for designers guild upholstery fabric. The distinct reptilian metallic jacquards and chunky distressed jutes give the collection an edge, setting it apart. This range is perfect for creating a rustic theme in your interiors. Whether you're designing a tranquil living space or looking for the ideal curtains, the natural look and feel of this collection is unmatched. Enhance your home with our made to measure curtains, blinds, and custom headboards tailored just for you.

Designers Guild Moselle Vegetale Fabrics
Designers Guild Moselle Vegetale Fabrics
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