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Designers Guild Matara Fabrics

Experience the world of Matara, a paragon of beautifully soft yet incredibly durable faux leather, a true representation of designer guild fabrics. The naturalistic grain of this fabric, combined with a subtle sheen and suede effect backing, makes it a sought-after choice for interiors ranging from contemporary chic to industrial loft styles. Suitable for both contract and domestic usage, the Matara fabric can be transformed into stylish designers guild curtains or durable upholstery, enhancing the vibe of a modern city apartment or a trendy office space. As you ponder over how to incorporate this fabric into your interiors, remember our team's expertise in offering made to measure roman blinds, bespoke headboards, and a plethora of customised services. Let us assist you in using the Matara collection to redefine your interiors, ensuring your home or project exudes sophistication and class.

Designers Guild Matara Fabrics
Designers Guild Matara Fabrics
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