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Designers Guild Manzoni Fabrics

Dive into the world of Manzoni, a blend of brushed and tumbled linen that represents the authentic touch of the designers guild fabrics. Its soft double-brushed handle and fantastic durability, coupled with a wide and inventive colour palette, make it apt for various design themes - from rustic farmhouse to chic minimalism. Manzoni fabric is wonderfully versatile, suitable for designers guild curtains, cushions, or even robust upholstery. Think of a serene English countryside home, where the Manzoni fabric drapes elegantly across windows or adorns your sofa, elevating the aesthetic appeal. Our expert team is always on hand to provide made to measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery services, ensuring each piece fits your space perfectly. Need design advice or assistance with integrating the Manzoni collection into your interiors? Our dedicated team can guide you seamlessly through your decoration projects, ensuring your home or project resonates with style and elegance.

Designers Guild Manzoni Fabrics
Designers Guild Manzoni Fabrics
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