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Designers Guild Kalahari Fabrics

The Kalahari range by Designers Guild boasts of contemporary upholstery fabrics that not only score high on aesthetics but also on durability and performance. The leather looks, combined with the plushness of velvets and the ruggedness of suede, make these fabrics versatile. Picture these in a loft-style apartment or even a chic modern home, offering texture and depth to the interiors. Especially noteworthy is the faux leather, a perfect mimicry of its real counterpart without the associated drawbacks. For those keen on a modern, sophisticated look, these fabrics are an impeccable choice for sofas, armchairs, and more. As always, our team is here to provide design advice and made to measure services.

Designers Guild Kalahari Fabrics
Designers Guild Kalahari Fabrics
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