Designers Guild Jaipur Rose Fabric

Jaipur Rose Fabrics are a deeply evocative collection of elegant and captivating prints with a timeless, luxurious spirit. This dynamic collection celebrates the global glamour and nomadic sophistication of newly discovered lands and exotic journeys. Inspired by the pioneering travel of 19th century explorers and naturalists like Isabella Bird. These beautiful designs are printed onto linen, cotton and lustrous velvet in a new, wondrously rich colour palette. A brilliant and versatile collection for curtains, blinds, cushions, bedcovers and upholstery when you consider such designs as Arjuna Leaf which is a highly detailed study of botanicals, leaves, palms and foliage in striking viridian tones with a subtle broad textural stripe in the ground. While in stark contrast the Shikhara Fabric is a modern and graphic abstract print with rich organic tones of colour. A total of sixteen prints showcasing the dynamic designs in various colour palettes. Delve into the evocative Jaipur Rose Fabrics from Designers Guild.