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Designers Guild Fortezza Fabrics

The Fortezza collection by Designers Guild offers a symphony of wide-width flame retardant fabrics inspired by nature's grace. This range subtly blends the characteristics of enticing wool and linen, resulting in fabrics that are both versatile and elegant. Muretto, with its linen blend blackout, and the high-performance melange of Fortezza, set the scene for interiors that resonate with sophistication. Add the textured sheer of Trevisina and the Bellavista Ombre to complete the look. Suited for a contemporary or minimalist style, these fabrics make striking curtains or alluring upholstery. With our tailored services, we provide made-to-measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery advice, ensuring each client finds the perfect fit for their design aspirations.

Designers Guild Fortezza Fabrics
Designers Guild Fortezza Fabrics
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