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Designers Guild Essentials Tiber Fabrics

The Essentials Tiber Fabric collection from Designers Guild exudes glamour with its plain satin design. Renowned for its elegant drape and wide colour variety, this collection offers versatility for various applications, from sophisticated curtains to luxurious upholstery. An in demand design from this range is the Designers Guild Tiber Fabrics has a marvelously alluring satin with opulent drape and handle in over 50 colours, best for an array of uses. It's not just about the fabric; it's about creating a statement in your space. Should you need guidance on how to incorporate the Tiber Fabric into your home, our team is on hand with design advice and made to measure services to ensure a perfect fit.

Designers Guild Essentials Tiber Fabrics
Designers Guild Essentials Tiber Fabrics
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