Designers Guild Chandigarh Fabric

Designers Guild Chandigarh Fabrics is a timeless weave collection of destination velvet textures in seven inimitable designs. Discover a reinvention of contemporary and stylish graphic pattern with unrivalled versatility. From striking varese inspired stripes, hexagons, block patterns and shapes, there is a velvet to suit any occasion in this wonderful collection. Take their outstanding and individual Sukhna Fabric where a myriad of brilliant hexagons sits atop a wondrously shaded and pixilated ground in this statement cut velvet design, and the exposed metallic ground thread provides a perfect balance to the shape and structure, an immediate upholstery favourite. Or perhaps the self-titled Chandigarh fabric another statement making geometric upholstery design which is an intricate woven velvet that is combined with a digitally printed graphic layered pattern with an almost iridescent quality, and subtle metallic threads and tones of undulating colour. Discover what will be a timeless collection of Chandigarh Fabrics curated by the Designers Guild.

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