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Casamance Flirt Fabrics

Embrace the allure of geometric beauty with the Flirt collection by Casamance. This collection is a unique symphony of nature expressed through abstract lines and clean colours. The designs seem like a canvas where stylised plants and flowers are carefully painted and lavishly embroidered, conveying an extraordinary vitality. Made from a variety of materials, the collection balances matte and lustre with seductive charm, making it perfect for modern, urban, and nautical-themed spaces.

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Explore the marvels of the Flirt collection with standout designs like Melodie, an abstract fabric that masterfully blends viscose, polyester, cotton, and linen, making it an excellent choice for upholstery, cushions, and headboards. The Herbes Folles design, featuring an exuberant floral pattern in cotton and viscose, breathes life into curtains, cushions, and blinds. The highlight of this collection is the self-titled Flirt design, crafted from 100% cotton with intricate viscose and polyester embroidery in an abstract pattern that inspires creativity and imagination. The Lovesong fabric, a delightful blend of cotton and linen acrylic, echoes an abstract pattern that resonates beautifully in curtains, cushions, and blinds. Discover an array of custom curtain possibilities with the Flirt collection, from made to measure curtains to blinds. Whether you prefer bespoke curtains or delicate made to measure voile curtains, this collection has it all. Accentuate your décor with custom headboards designed to complement any theme. At TM Interiors, we are dedicated to assisting clients with expert advice and guidance on utilising the Flirt collection for their interior design and decoration projects, offering custom and made to measure curtains online.