textile wallpaper

Textile Wallpapers

Textile Wallcoverings are essentially textured wallpapers for home interiors and walls, which are made from a number of natural fibres, man-made yarns or a mixture of both, creating a wide range of surface finish effects, or they can be paper backed fabrics, where literally the fabric is backed to create striking upholstered wall coverings. Within Textile Wallcoverings you can find a number of fibres and finishes and the most common are. Silk Wallpapers where walls that are covered in silk are of an unashamed luxury, and statement piece. The character of hand spun, hand woven wild silk creates a look that distinguishes silk wallcoverings from any other. Linen Wallpapers where high quality flax is used to create a naturally luxurious finish. Grasscloth Wallpaper features a variety of natural forms and materials such as sisal, jute and reed. These materials are hand woven and coloured with water-based inks to create a wall finish characterised by variation in both texture and colour enhanced by the natural fibres used to create these exquisite wallcoverings. The majority of textile wallpapers are non-woven which makes the hanging of them a lot easier as it used the paste the wall rather than paste the wallpaper method. Explore our rich library of textile wallcoverings online at TM Interiors from some of the World’s leading manufacturers.