3D Wallpaper

3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpaper is becoming ever more popular these days, and more people search for 3d wallpaper for home unlike before, and where this relatively new style of wallcovering is applied either in a living room or bedroom, it is a great way to create a unique interest and focal point into home interiors.

We have a number of Designer 3D Embossed Vinyl Wallcoverings online which uses a technique known as thermoforming, which is where motifs are pressed into fabric using heat, which results in a three dimensional pattern. The resulting pattern and wallcovering is both thick and warm which makes 3D Wallpaper for walls a real option, as it also provides acoustical insulation properties within a room.

This thermoforming technique has been mastered by brands such as Arte Wallcoverings and Elitis, but even companies such as today interiors are developing ranges using this technique to created 3D Brick Wallpaper which is a great way to create an urban feel into a loft house apartment or room.

The 3D Effect Wallpapers we have online for your home are really exquisite three-dimensional textile wallcoverings on non-woven backing. They range in width and are sold by the meter, and we would always recommend you use the suppliers suggested wallpaper adhesive and have a professional and experienced decorator hang the wallpaper for you.

So if you are looking for 3d Wallpaper for living rooms, or 3d wallpaper for bedrooms be sure to browse our ranges online.

We have an online guide of How To Hang 3D Wallpaper and a How To Hang 3d Wallpaper Video Guide please review this for some general guidance on how to hang this style of wallcovering but always refer to the manufacturers hanging instructions.