Trevellas FDG2537-34 Fabric

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Collection: Trevellas Fabrics
Trevellas FDG2537-34 Raspberry by Designers Guild fabric
A chunky chenille with a soft inviting texture, in a broad colour palette including many naturals and earth tones but with a number of brighter signature shades that make an impact. Our Trevellas fabric has a high abrasion resistance and makes for great upholstery as its soft inviting texture has tremendous appeal.


  • Trevellas FDG2537-01
  • Trevellas FDG2537-02
  • Trevellas FDG2537-03
  • Trevellas FDG2537-04
  • Trevellas FDG2537-05
  • Trevellas FDG2537-06
  • Trevellas FDG2537-07
  • Trevellas FDG2537-08
  • Trevellas FDG2537-09
  • Trevellas FDG2537-10
  • Trevellas FDG2537-11
  • Trevellas FDG2537-12