Burlap FDG2309-05 Fabric

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Collection: Tweed FR Fabrics
Burlap FDG2309-05 Cobalt by Designers Guild
A densely woven and robust two-tone weave in a wide variety of colours ideal for upholstery. Durable, chic, and fully flame-retardant.


  • Burlap FDG2309-03
  • Burlap FDG2309-08
  • Burlap FDG2309-06
  • Burlap FDG2309-02
  • Burlap FDG2309-04
  • Burlap FDG2309-01
  • Burlap FDG2309-11
  • Burlap FDG2309-09
  • Burlap FDG2309-10
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