Printed Velvet Fabrics

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Printed Velvet Fabrics

In the world of Interior Design somewhat of a revolution has been taking place, and in the words written in a poem by Gil Scott-Heron “the revolution will not be televised”


Well what we mean by this is that in terms of velvet upholstery fabrics, no longer are interior designers, restricted by boundaries of plain colours or in recent times crushed velvets, and cut velvets, when looking for that all important fabric to add texture and lift a room design.

Digitally Printed velvets have crept into fabric ranges “un-televised” and nowadays provide everyone with more options, whatever your style be, when choosing fabrics for either upholstery, designer curtains or accessories such as cushions.


It is a revolution that has seen a slow shift, but over the last year or so numerous designer fabric brands have capitalized on the advanced techniques used to manufacture velvet fabrics, and now it is quite common to find at least one printed velvet amongst a range of  printed cottons and silks.

Digitally printed velvets are finding themselves at the heart of designer fabric collections and are not just for the use on upholstery, they are now being used on designer curtains by interior designers and consumers, in the right setting, to create a full opulent look.


So if you are looking to buy velvet fabric online this maybe a good reference point.

Romo Black

When we talked about velvet fabric being at the heart of the collection the Romo Black Jessica Zoob Desire collection encapsulates this point.


When this Romo Black fabric collection came out, besides Mulberry fabrics, and Zoffany already mentioned, we feel it signified the printed velvet revolution, if you can call it that, or at least consumer interest in printed velvet fabrics for both designer curtains and upholstery for home interiors.


Crushed velvet was of course popular amongst interior designers already, but this collection showed what was possible with these new techniques and it really was a stunning range featuring Jessica Zoob’s abstract artwork.


The versatility of the collection and the velvet fabric meant an assortment of accessories including velvet cushions have also been produced by Romo fabrics, of course all available to buy from us online including Romo Black fabrics.


The Jessica Zoob collection was so well received it won an award for the Best British Pattern in Elle Decoration.


And the following collection Astratto further explored the possibilities, looks and finishes using printed velvets here with their Mitanni stripe,


Pushing the envelope a little further Romo fabrics even creating a woodgrain effect onto a velvet pile again, almost a cut velvet, with their Astratto fabric.


Which followed their earlier Silva fabric from their first Xanthina collection. The effect being quite inventive as we had not seen this before.


As well as their gritty, abstract velvet by the name of Jackson.


Be sure to check out Romo Black and their Zinc brand for further stylish printed velvets perfect for designer upholstery.

Romo continue to update their portfolio of luxury velvet fabrics with both plain and lovely patterned luxury velvet fabric, decadent velvets that intertwine layers of past and present artistry.

romo-black-edition herbaria

Mulberry Home

We mentioned Mulberry fabrics alongside Romo as prior to the Jessica Zoob collection Mulberry fabrics iconic Flying Ducks design was transformed onto a printed velvet.




Housed alongside GP and J Baker fabrics the Mulberry brand went on to win the best fabric collection from Homes and Gardens in 2014 with their Bohemian Romance, which included their Bohemian Velvets. More digitally printed velvets.

mulberry-fabrics-bohemian-romance-homes-and-gardensBohemian Romance included to us the rather odd looking Game Birds fabric we much prefer those flying ducks but each to their own.


The Bohemian velvets does however feature some lovely rich velvet upholstery fabrics if you are looking for that vintage velvet


Including tartan, paisley, plaid and oriental carpet designs.


Mulberry continue to develop the brands style and identity with some beautiful printed velvets found within their Modern Country range which has an enticing mix of gorgeous garden florals, a collection for all moods and seasons, its contrasting but harmonious designs, colours and textures combining to produce original exciting interiors for both town and country.

mulberry modern country velvets

Linwood Fabrics

We have said it before if you cross Mulberry fabrics with Ralph Lauren, you would probably end up with something resembling Linwood fabrics, and that is meant as a compliment.


With a growing fabric library which saw the launch of Sporting Life this collection housed a couple of interesting printed velvets which we understand because of the costs gets manufactured in Spain. It features the almost arts and crafts inspired design lf1693


Along with the really nice dashing detailed scenic Sporting life fabric.



*Update some of the above now have been phased out but recent ranges with a plethora of patterned velvet fabrics inlcude Linwood Omega II Velvet Fabrics, an alluring collection of printed velvet fabrics that with a gorgeous soft handle, this collection lends itself to work beautifully on sofas and chairs, or as an opulent pair of curtains.

Linwood Fabric

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin fabrics most recent collections help underline the popularity of printed velvets in designer fabrics today, with an almost Mulberry inspired velvet upholstery fabric, contained in the latest Lost and Found collection in the form of Magnolia. Incidentally we took a look at the popularity of Magnolia fabrics as a floral fabric in this blog.


With more on show in his lost and found collection including Sketch fabric, a lined ikat design printed on velvet, with another Ikat Merchant giving more of a striking look with linear effect.


Even with the Brazilian inspired Ipanema collection, from Andrew Martin fabrics, the caipirinha fabric can be found. A rework on soft cotton velvet of a classic floral design.



Zoffany fabrics continue to increase the depth and scope of their fabric ranges and for some time now the scenic fabrics of both Arden and The Gondolier from the Tespi range have been available.

Both created by artist Melissa White, the Arden fabric features a design reminiscent of tapestries found all over Britain. If you like William Morris fabric then no doubt you will find this of interest and the design is printed onto some luxurious velvet.


The Gondolier features a setting in Venice, is digitally printed onto cotton velvet ideal for designer upholstery and curtains.


Their latest Jaipur Prints and Weaves indicates the widespread popularity of the use of velvet with three fabrics to mention.

Again by Melissa White Peakcock Garden portrays a full Indian Garden digital printed and used here as a designer velvet upholstery fabric.


Kashgar Velvet, another fabric that takes inspiration from an Ikat design found in the Zoffany archives and much like the Bohemian Weaves by Mulberry has a rich textured pattern an almost vintage velvet fabric.


Orissa Velvet whole not a digitally printed velvet worthy of a mention for the fact it celebrates the paisley pattern which is now doubt back with the times as we discussed in our designer curtains paisley blog. Here this velvet is woven using a jacquard technique.



Zoffany continue with fabulous collections of luxury fabrics designed to work in perfect harmony with the entire range and fabrics listed above included this fabulous floral pattered velvet fabric Richmond Park Velvet taken from the Antiquary fabric range.
zoffany antiquary fabrics

Designers Guild

Designers Guild fabrics latest Shanghai Garden fabric collection arrived in the studio the other day,


With it the Aurelia Velvet fabric collection which features a number of velvets but in particular the printed velvets of Shanshui – Cloud, Yangshuo – Cerulean which you can just see above used on some designers guild furniture.


Designers Guild extend their ranges of velvet upholstery fabric for modern and contemporary interiors with their Manipur range which is striking geometric cut velvet updated with twelve new colours.


Christian Lacroix fabric

Designers Guild in 2011 joined forces with french fashion designer Christian Lacroix to produce home furnishings and soon collections were being launched that stood out for being quite different, and this Christian Lacroix fabric is no different.

Taken from his Belles Rives collection a real heavyweight printed velvet again as you can see here used on a piece of designers guild furniture, but don’t let that you stop using it as a velvet curtain fabric as we have produced stunning door curtains from this exotic palm print in the past.


Lewis & Wood

Lewis and Wood themselves note the “fashionable velvet revival” on their website when describing their recent Joseph fabric. Jospeh fabric has that vintage velvet fabric feel and in the words is designed to create “heirloom upholstery”.




Nikita is also included in their velvet revival of designer fabrics.



Morris & Co

With a new collection planned for this year William Morris fabrics and his tapestry designs could not be better suited to this medium of digitally printed velvet fabric.

Morris & Co Forest velvet fabric from the Archive II prints collection is a detailed work of fine art a showcases truly what is possible with modern digitally printed velvets.


Morris and Co fabrics persist with revamping William Morris iconic designs in various textures and finishes, their recent Rouen Velvets are inspired by France’s colour-infused cathedral interiors, a sumptuous collection of seven iconic printed velvet designs completed on a luxurious 100% cotton velvet.

morris-and-co velvets

Most of these example are of course for upholstery but don’t be afraid to use these as a velvet curtain fabric. Of course it will create a heavy look so you must have space like in the example from Linwood above to pull it off, as well as a sturdy pole to take the weight of the curtains. Don’t rule out using any of these designer fabrics as a door curtain as they would be ideal to keep the warmth in and can create a great scene across your door and hallway.

Of course if you need any type of curtain making such as a door curtain, or re-quire re-upholstery services then please consider our made to measure curtains service. We can make custom made curtains and blinds from a fabric of your choice from our very own in-house workroom with over 35 years experience so we guarantee a quality finish when working with the best designer fabrics.

Please contact us should you need a quote, or any advice or assistance in you search of buying velvet curtain online.

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