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Boucle Fabric the teddy-bear textured fabric in colour!

Boucle Fabric the teddy-bear textured fabric in colour!

Boucle Fabric the teddy-bear textured fabric that now doesn't just come in white!

It was only recently we read in some publications that some believe boucle fabric has had its day and was cooling down within interiors and furniture. However other’s believe it’s bouclé's moment. Boucle fabrics are now covering everything-sofas, chairs, footstools you name it. Both English and American interior designers and are not alone in the love of nubbly upholstery. Teddy-bear texture has taken over our sofas, chairs and even beds.

What is Bouclé Fabric

Bouclé is the bobbly woven fabric that's softer than linen, warmer than cotton, and more robust than velvet. Coveted in the form of those titchy Chanel jackets in the 1990s, nubbly wool used to be a niche choice in interiors until well into the 21st century. 

Now it's available everywhere, from the value retailers such as Dunelm, and John Lewis to the likes of our high-end brands such as Pierre Frey, Romo Black, Kirkby Design, GP&J Baker, Dedar, Andrew Martin and countless others.


Sales of bouclé sofas and armchairs have increased by a conisderable per cent and our bespoke furniture range is available for people searching for bouclé upholstery.

Even at Milan Design Week bouclé was the upholstery of choice for couch designers, like these examples from Lizzo: 

Boucle Upholstery Fabric

Why do we love it so? Bouclé provides the solution to a common sitting room issue. If you desire a pale neutral sofa, but find being hypervigilant about stains on linen or velvet too exhausting, bouclé is the robust and forgiving, low- maintenance upholstery alternative especially when using a chunky boucle upholstery fabric.

 This chunky boucle upholstery fabric can be found in Zinc Textiles Roccapina fabric range.

We first noticed the appeal of boulce back in 2019 range as Bouclé is surprisingly hardy by looking at wool boucle for your home in a previous blog. The nature of the texture can camouflage the tougher stains and general wear and tear, giving people the opportunity to maintain a neutral palette in more uncontrolled environments.

This curved Pierre Frey Sofa looks fantastic in a textural boucle fabric.

Bouclé also lends interest to a pale scheme as neutral palettes can look a little flat, so bouclé works particularly well for people who prefer more minimal decor. The texture of the looped yarn provides interest and depth.

Which brings us to the fabric's former drawback. Until recently bouclé came, in many neutral shades so long as it was cream or white, although we have found customers wanting to find more and more a black boucle fabric to add contrast to a neutral scheme.

However that all changed this season as we see it.

Throughout the pandemic customers invested in large, creamy sofas and armchairs. In 2023 bouclé's brighter side is being celebrated and customers are pursuing textural pieces that celebrate the spirit of 1970s hedonist warmth, and therefore blue, reds and green boucle upholstery fabrics started to become available.


So where can you find all of this hedonist warmth well, if you are looking for something more than simply an ivory boucle fabric then visit our boucle fabric page for all the new spring/summer colourways, including olive and pacific blue glorious nature-inspired colours that will endear this tactile, cosy fabric to a new set of buyers. Let's hear it for soft power.

Dedar fabrics Boucle Collection is not only textured and soft to the touch, bouclé fabrics combine strength with a comfortable hand-feel, but the natural fibres of wool to jaquards and embroideries, the collection enhances the spontaneity typical of craftsmanship, in which irregularity is an intrinsic element of the fabric's unique selling point like their Oolong fabric below.



Don't forget boucle doesn't just have to be used for upholstery boulce curtains are always an option and now brands like Omexco in the latest Loom Stories range have boulce wallpaper.