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Published on: Feb 11 2014 by admin

Designers Guild alongside the release of their spring Kaori fabric collections as discussed in a previous blog post  have launched some new rugs to accompany the collections, and update their rug portfolio, all designed to work well with new, present, and old fabrics and wallpaper collections, but also their vast array of designer home accessories.

So a short round-up of the Designers Guild rugs in no particular order:

The Amlapura Indigo rug a hand tufted 80% wool rug with its loose arrangement of spots, and clever use of tone and shades of blue over its base colour, can easily become a statement piece for a floor.

Jindai Graphite rug a Chinese influenced botanical design on a thick pile of hand tufted viscose creating a sophisticated shimmer against the restricted use of grey colours in the rugs design.

Warming things up slightly is the Odhni design in Almond, this time produced from a 100% wool, but distressed wool therefore creating a classical look whilst accompanying the effect of the leaf design, which curls vertically along the rug. The rug has borders to add bursts of colour in cyan and jade.

The Katazome Ash rug from designers guild is a geometric rug and because of the very nature of its texture (100% hand tufted viscose) combined with the alluring design it alternates between matt and shine despite the fact it has a very neutral grounding.

Each of the Savine fuchsia rugs offered from Designers Guild is unique and authentic because of its tie dyed design technique on a hand woven pure wool rug. The Tie dyed effect can also be found in recent collections from Romo Black Edition.

Kinran Multicolour an ultra modern horizontal striped rug featuring interchanging wool loops with flashes of white bursting from the coloured stripes, and knotted borders at both ends, produced from 75% wool and 25% cotton.

Kuta Damson with its ambiguous geometric design is a hand tufted luxurious viscose pile with alabaster loops that contrast with the damson to create a rug of real depth and character.

All designers guild rugs, designers guild fabrics, designers guild wallpapers and accessories are available to purchase online or in-store from TM Interiors Limited.

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