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Exceptional Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics for 2023

Exceptional Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics for 2023

As temperatures rise, it's the perfect opportunity to elevate outdoor living with our range of premium indoor and outdoor fabrics. The trend, well established in the US with their elaborate outdoor settings, can be adopted in the UK, mindful of our distinct weather conditions and its effect on outdoor fabrics and furnishings. Just as with interior décor, careful selection of style and materials for the outdoors, like tropical-hued woven textiles for a rustic summerhouse, ensures a seamless aesthetic blend.

Exceptional Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics for 2023

As the temperatures rise, it ushers in the perfect time for either soaking up the sun or basking in the cool shade. Whether you opt for either of these indulgent pastimes, they can be significantly enriched by our range of premium indoor and outdoor fabrics. The concept of outdoor living, perfected by our American counterparts with their impressive garden furniture, outstanding performance fabrics, grand outdoor spaces, and sophisticated firepits, can be equally embraced here in the UK, with an informed understanding of our unique weather conditions and their impact on our chosen outdoor fabrics and furnishings. The same attention and thought invested into interior spaces should be extended to outdoor décor, to ensure a seamless aesthetic transition. For instance, a quaint summerhouse or a garden furnished with rattan furniture would be beautifully enhanced with woven textiles showcasing a vibrant array of tropical colours.


Outdoor Fabrics
Outdoor Fabrics

Understanding the Significance of Fabric in Outdoor Living

The outdoor fabrics industry has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, offering numerous choices for designers and homeowners. Choosing a colour palette for outdoor furniture could be an opportunity to extend the indoor style to the exterior. This can be effectively achieved using cushions, rugs, and soft lighting. Outdoor rugs made from recycled bottles are an excellent addition to any garden seating area. Also, regular rearrangement of cushions can add a dynamic element to the outdoor space.

Key Tips: It is vital to designate storage space for soft furnishings during the winter months when they are not in use. For an outdoor dinner setting, opting for bold colours can enrich the overall atmosphere. Layering patterned and plain table linen can create a unique look. Adding flowers in exquisite vases can further enhance the alfresco ambiance.


Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Outdoor Furniture Fabric


What material is outdoor fabric made of?

Outdoor fabrics are normally solution-dyed acrylic, 100% Solution dyed Polyolefinic FR or 100% Polyester.

The intended use is for upholstery/curtains for indoor and outdoor use.


What is solution-dyed acrylic or polyester?

Most yarns are created by spinning a fiber into a white yarn. Color is added to the yarn’s surface when it is dipped in a dye bath.

With Outdoor fabrics Solution-dyed acrylic polymers are blended with pigments and extruded into a color fiber.

The colored fiber is then spun into a yarn that can be woven making it the ideal solution for fadeproof, cleanable comfort, indoors & out.


What does Fadeproof mean for Outdoor fabrics:

  • Outdoor solution-dyed acrylic fabrics have high fade resistance in the industry.
  • Fabric is suitable for use in extreme humid or arid climates without degradation or loss of strength.


How To Clean Outdoor fabric:

  • Outdoor fabrics are normally bleach cleanable and properties include:
  • Fiber is inherently mold and mildew resistant.
  • Treated with water repellent, stain resistant finish.
  • Fabric can be cleaned with soap and water, solvents and even bleach.
  • Bleach cleanability matters—it is the only cleaning agent that removes mildew.
  • Machine washable; cold water delicate, air dry.

What test do outdoor fabrics go through:

  • Fabrics meet US and UK standards for flame resistance on upholstery.
  • Most patterns meet or exceed a good martindale rub count.
  • All patterns meet or exceed standards for pilling.

Are there any guarantees with outdoor fabrics:

Some manufacturers have a 5-year limited warranty guarantees our fabric for use in normal conditions including sunlight, salt and weather exposure.

Coverage includes:

  • Significant loss of colour
  • Degradation / loss of strength
  • Abrasion It does not cover misuse or abuse, dye transfer from clothing onto fabric, or pilling.


  • For outdoor use, make sure to use appropriate lining materials.
  • Remember to store pads and cushions in a clean, dry place when not in use.

Note: Any fuzz caused by the shorter fiber inherent to solution-dyed acrylic may be removed with a sweater shaver.

Crafting Unique Spaces with Outdoor Fabrics

  1.  SOCIABLE SPACE For an inviting outdoor living space hang fabrics from a veranda ceiling to mimic curtains and arrange plenty of cushions on an upholstered seating area. Functional and decorative, if the weather turns this will provide a cosy retreat for you and your guests. You could also introduce portable rechargeable lamps so you can continue socialising long into the evening. 


  2. TOP TABLE Make dining alfresco extra special with lovely fabrics. 

  3.  SUMMER BREEZE Colour and texture will enhance any outdoor area - here, fabric has been used to soften the large doorway in this walled enclosure. 

  4. EXCITING EMBELLISHMENTS Trimmings that are suitable for outdoor use mean it is easy to add an extra layer of decoration - why not trim the edge of a hammock to further highlight the gentle rocking motion? 

  5. SEASIDE SPIRIT Be inspired by coastal living in your garden with a range of playful prints and sea creature motifs. 


  6. DREAMY DAYBED For something a little more special, instead of buying separate garden chairs and a parasol invest in a statement daybed with a covered frame. Use the same fabric for the seat upholstery as you do for the canopy, then layer with cushions in a variety of patterns and colours. 


  7. POOLSIDE STYLE Combine an array of patterned fabrics in complementing shades for eye-catching loungers. 


  8. EASY LIVING Add comfort and luxury with an upholstered footstool or big outdoor cushions- ideal for extra seating or just to put your feet up on. 

  9. SHADY SPOT A pair of upholstered occasional chairs, or a chair and footstool in a shady corner of the garden creates a lovely place for relaxation. 


  10. SUMMER STRIPES Upholstered seating in horizontal stripes looks stylish and creates the illusion that the seating is larger than it is. Team with plenty of scatter cushions in the same fabric.

    striped outdoor fabric

Creative Approaches to Outdoor Fabric Use:


Some simple and creative ways perhaps on how to use outdoor fabrics:


  • Customize deck chairs with three complementary fabric designs, such as Chevron, Houndstooth, and Geometric.


  • Choose a unique fabric for a bespoke umbrella.


  • Craft a makeshift tent with outdoor fabric for a summer picnic shade.

  • Use your favourite fabric to make a hammock, if space permits.


Outstanding Outdoor Fabric Collections in 2023:

Villa Nova Horto Outdoor Fabrics:

This collection of Villa Nova Outdoor Fabrics invites you on a vibrant, imaginative journey. The Horto collection features a range of distinct designs and artistic patterns that foster a modern, colourful ambiance. Villa Nova’s iconic designs, Hana and Norrland, make a triumphant return, paired with an elegant plain and subtle sheer. The colour palette is inspired by the most stylish coastlines, with intense hues and rustic shades that punctuate exterior décor. These high-performance fabrics are designed for both enjoyment and longevity, ideal for both outdoor and captivating indoor schemes.


Pierre Frey Maya Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics:

The Maya collection weaves together geometric and floral designs, painting a lush picture of Central America. It draws inspiration from the verdant jungle and traditional weaving techniques, providing an inexhaustible wellspring of creativity. From the open grasslands to the vibrant, bustling village markets, the collection thrives on the powerful influence of colour. The result is a cheerful and colourful ensemble, brimming with exotic allure.

Elitis Acosta Indoor Outdoor Fabrics:

Inspired by a journey that stretches from the vibrant landscapes of Mexico to the sun-drenched coasts of California, this collection encapsulates the rhythmic dance of the sun across these terrains, forming striking patterns and textures. Its aesthetic is driven by a dynamic energy that mirrors the hues of golden ochre, reflecting the sun's radiant splendour. More than a mere collection of fabrics, it celebrates the uninhibited spirit of the outdoors, encapsulating a lifestyle that thrives in the open air. Uniquely, it also offers voile curtains that masterfully harness the magic of sunlight, filtering and imbuing your spaces with a soft, natural glow as the day unfolds. The Acosta collection offers luxurious upholstery options like the Santa Rosa fabric. This striped patterned fabric is made of a robust polypropylene and polyester blend, perfect for headboards, cushions, and other outdoor pieces. The Mendoza fabric, with its Bohemian and modern flair, will enrich your outdoor space, while the Formosa fabric offers a touch of simplicity. Explore Elitis Outdoor Fabrics online.



Pierre Frey Natecru Indoor Outdoor Fabrics:

With the brand-new Natecru outdoor collection, Pierre Frey brings the beauty of durability and timeless appeal to your outdoor spaces. This collection, resilient against both high light exposure and salt or chlorinated water, captures the chic and ageless style inherent in the NATECRU line. Perfectly suited for outdoor environments, the collection lends itself beautifully to bohemian styling, giving a relaxed and free-spirited aesthetic to patios, terraces, or garden spaces.

Elitis Alpilles Indoor Outdoor Fabrics:

The Alpilles collection offers 100% Solution Dyed Polypropylene upholstery fabric that adds a Bohemian touch to your outdoor space. The Tarascon fabric is both durable and stylish, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. Also available is a collection of eye-catching geometric and outdoor striped fabrics for a visually appealing outdoor space.


Elitis Alpilles Fabrics
Elitis Alpilles Fabrics

Clarke & Clarke Alfresco Indoor Outdoor Fabrics:

With Alfresco, Clarke & Clarke offers an exciting collection of indoor/outdoor fabrics. This range includes bold prints, chevrons, solution dyed stripes, and complementary plain fabrics. Alfresco provides a vibrant tropical feel, with warm and fresh coastal tones. These sun and stain-resistant fabrics are micro-bacterial, making them perfect for covers, cushions, and blinds. Buy the full range of Clarke & Clarke Alfresco Fabrics.


Clarke & Clarke Sicily Outdoor Fabric
Clarke & Clarke Sicily Outdoor Fabric

Dedar Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics:

The delightful Dedar Fabrics Indoors/Outdoors collection immerses us in a realm of bold hues and gentle textures. Constructed to withstand wear and tear, exposure to sunlight, and varying weather conditions, these fabrics are effortlessly washable and maintainable. Exhibiting versatility and adaptability to diverse settings, they infuse each area with dynamic colors and tactile richness. Further, their ease of upkeep ensures unrestricted enjoyment and fluidity in any space.


Morris and Co Outdoor Performance Fabrics:

We are thrilled to present the inaugural Morris & Co. collection meticulously designed for versatility in both indoor and outdoor environments. Infused with the iconic patterns signature to Morris & Co., the Outdoor-Performance collection harmoniously weaves together the two pivotal aspects that characterized 19th-century designer William Morris's artistic ethos: aesthetic appeal and functionality.


Chase Erwin Soleil Outdoor Fabrics:

The arrival of summer beckons for an embrace of outdoor life, and our newest collection, SOLEIL, is expertly crafted for just such open-air experiences. This series marks Chase Erwin’s premier foray into outdoor fabrics, incorporating sumptuous textiles conceptualized with a perfect blend of airy summer elegance and practical adaptability to the season's demands.

The charming SOLEIL collection finds its muse in laid-back summer afternoons, leisurely enjoying cocktails on a sun-kissed terrace in the French Riviera. It showcases three eternal designs ranging from classic stripes to geometric patterns, each brought to life with vibrant, invigorating summer hues.

Thibaut Haven Textures Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics:

Haven Textures presents a collection of eight premium indoor/outdoor performance fabrics. Each fabric boasts a unique tactile quality, invoking a pleasing visual appeal and comforting feel. These fabrics offer not only enduring style but are also highly resistant to fading, wear, and staining. Enhance your indoor or outdoor living experience with these high-performance woven fabrics, designed to stand the test of time.


At TM Interiors, we go beyond simply selling outdoor fabrics and products; we shape experiences.

Our bespoke services range from custom curtains and bespoke headboards to made-to-measure Roman blinds, curated with precision to fit your unique needs. We also offer an extensive online service for convenience, including made-to-measure curtains online and custom curtains online, all designed with an unwavering commitment to quality. We understand attention to detail and thus offer design services and custom-made curtains in the UK, each tailored to perfection.

Our team provides expert design advice and assists clients in translating their vision into reality, from interior design to decoration. Explore TM Interiors today and let us craft spaces that resonate with your distinctive style.