Floral Fabric Magnolia – 7 You May Consider.

Published on: Jan 07 2015 by admin

If you are looking for a floral fabric then why not consider a Magnolia design. Magnolias in terms of designer fabrics, of course alongside the always faithful rose, are proving to be popular at the moment, with designs flowering amongst some of our most popular brands over this recent year. Perhaps because it’s just in time for spring.


As you perhaps tell we are not horticulturist’s but sellers, and appreciators of designer fabrics, and in this quick interior design blog we give you some designs to maybe feed you interest in Magnolia’s with some designs.


First up Zoffany fabrics in their Woodville fabric collection from last year had a Magnolia taken from a 19th century printed textile in the Zoffany archive. This floral fabric features an almost Ikat effect to create a sophisticated look and is ideal either as upholstery fabric or floral curtain fabric.



Harlequin Fabrics

Harlequin fabrics from its Momentum 5&6 series introduced Lotus Flower which is  more of a realistic woven interpretation of a painterly magnolia branch and bud, also available as a stunning wallpaper. A nice look for curtains



Nina Cambell

Nina Campbell for Osborne and Little had her in the Cathay Parade fabric collection from last year and in it was the delightful Magnolia Garden a classic look from Nina and Osborne & Little, and a great designer curtain fabric.


Zimmer and Rohde

Zimmer and Rohde have the aptly titled Magnolia fabric in their Residence Park Lane collection only two colour ways and and a floral print with a natural but slight abstract touch. As a semi-sheer linen weave as the base cloth this large design is particularly light and airy ideal for a light weight pair of curtains.


Elitis Fabrics

Along the abstract look is french brand Elitis fabrics with their Blossom design a really cool bold statement and much like the Zoffany curtain fabric above is heavyweight and ideal for designer upholstery or curtains.


Designers Guild

Their latest collection Shanghai Gardens just landed in our showroom and following Harlequin fabrics and Nina Campbell for Osborne and Little this interesting collection from Designers Guild fabrics, and in particular their Shangri-la Lino, depicts the magnolia flower with stems evocative of a classical Chinese painting.


Romo Fabrics

Forthcoming by Romo fabrics and eagerly anticipated by us here is their Saphira prints which we can see from preview imagery has a Magnolia design as print.


Looking forward to seeing these if we get the chance maybe over at Paris Deco Off, alongside all the other new collections from the likes of Elitis, Casamance and Pierre Frey.


If you have found this short blog looking for floral curtain fabric then may we take the opportunity to introduce our made to measure curtain services where we can take any designer fabric of your choice and create some stunning custom made curtains from our in-house workroom.

Here are a couple of examples of our curtains service this year featuring fabrics, while not Magnolia’s, floral fabrics none the less. These from Designers Guild and Jab, well actually Chivasso to be precise.




Please contact us should you need quote regarding made to measure curtains, and don’t forget we can supply the full ranges of designer fabrics, wallpapers, paints and rugs from the companies mentioned here.

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