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Inspiration: Designer Fabrics and Wallpapers Inspired by Art to Transform Your Home

Inspiration: Designer Fabrics and Wallpapers Inspired by Art to Transform Your Home

How to Incorporate Artist-Inspired Fabrics & Wallpapers into Your Home Décor

Are you tired of plain, monochromatic walls and fabrics? It is time to switch things up and embrace the beauty of artist-inspired fabrics and wallpapers in 2023. Incorporating these unique designs into your home décor can create a bold statement that reflects your personal style. From brush strokes to scenic artwork, painterly florals and watercolours, there are countless options to choose from, be it upholstery and curtain fabrics or wallcoverings.


Treat Fabrics as Alternative Artwork Pieces Within Your Interior Scheme

Why limit your artwork to paintings and sculptures when you can also incorporate designer fabrics into your décor?



This is a great example of how a fabric can transform a room. This lively design Les acrobates from Pierre Frey featuring free-form paint smudges instantly adds energy and vibrancy to any space a perfect balance between abstract and figurative. It can even be used to create a unique doorway curtain that provides privacy and division between spaces.



To keep the heat in and prevent draughts, consider lining the curtain with thermal fabric, such as Romo’s Linara fabric that comes in an updated palette of 360 shades. To further enhance the overall look, select occasional furniture and accessories that mimic the shapes found in the fabric.

Add Interest with Brush Strokes

Loose brush strokes can add a playful touch to any room while still maintaining a light mood.


Whether you choose oversized strokes or tiny dashes, a brush stroke printed fabric can offset your treasured ceramics and paintings to create a gallery-like effect. Pair with white walls to let the colour pop or choose a hue from the fabric to inspire your wall colour. 



Brush stokes don't have to be limited to just curtain fabrics, fantastic designer wallcoverings are also available to craft your walls. Omexco Joy wallpaper's repetition has an appealing contemporary look. 


Omexco Zest Wallpaper from Joy Collection
Omexco Zest Wallpaper from Joy Collection

Display Painterly Florals

Using painterly florals in your decor is a fantastic way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.



It's a trend that's been popular for centuries, but it has been given a modern update with the use of oversized, boldly painted flowers. When using these types of designer fabrics and luxury wallpapers, it's important to pair them with sleek, modern furniture to create a space that's chic and contemporary. The key to making this trend work is to choose floral patterns that are confident and proud, with a few punchy highlights of colour. By selecting a large-scale print, the imperfections of the hand-painted flowers become more evident, giving them the attention they deserve. Consider pairing a painterly floral fabric with a white lattice print for a sophisticated and timeless look.


Embrace Scenic Artwork


For a more awe-inspiring transformation, consider embracing a daring wall-to-wall mural.



Harlequin’s latest design is reminiscent of an Old Master painting that creates a calming presence due to its dreamy subject matter. This mural brings the outside in with dappled light and can be paired with furniture upholstered in blooms and occasional tables in natural materials to create a cohesive look.


Add Character with Illustrated Patterns


Characterful fabrics with fine line drawings can add a fun touch to a neutrally decorated room.



The abstract faces on this Camengo curtain fabric take centre stage without disrupting the overall harmony of the scheme. The same can be said for upholstery and cushions in a quirky illustrated pattern that can bring life to a tranquil space. Finish with touches of colour in your accessories if desired. Some wallpapers that follow a similar theme, that are also available as fabrics from French brand Lelievre.


Create Simplicity with Watercolours


Villa Nova Wander Wall Mural Wallpaper depicts greenery and flowers through blurry vision creates the same overall effect as plastered or painted walls. This impressionistic mural can be paired with furniture in cool wood and linen upholstery in gentle hues found in the paper. A rug in a watery shade from the mural can help the two-dimensional become three-dimensional, linking the walls to the floors, and achieving overall balance.

Don’t hesitate to try out designer fabrics and luxury wallpapers inspired by artists to give your home a fresh new look.

All of the products listed can be purchased online through TM Interiors or in-store, with additional interior design services and made-to-measure curtains, blinds, and upholstery services available.