Designer Curtains Paisley

Published on: Jan 03 2015 by admin

Designer Curtains Paisley

Looking back over 2014 we noticed a few common threads or what could be described as curtain fashion that became prevalent through the use of designer fabrics and here we take a look at the pattern we feel shaped the year.


Of course don’t take our word for certain, so much is subjective in the world of interior design, and these views on this interior design blog can either be deemed relevant or dismissed. However if you are looking for paisley curtain fabric then hopefully this will be a valid resource.


Where as the houndstooth fabric design ruled 2013 in our opinion 2014 must of been the year of Paisley.

The year saw a sea of paisley pattern across the catwalks during London fashion week, and it was no different when it came to designer fabric brands in 2014.

We like to think its because the artist formerly known as Prince made a a bit of a comeback as everyone must remember his Paisley Park album from years back…



Anyway…..Apartment Therapy as US based blog recently ran an article on trends for 2015 for home interiors inspired by the fashion world in it stated:


This is not your grandma’s paisley. In deep, saturated colors, today’s tapestry-like patterns pop on the runway and are easily pulled into a room with a great ottoman or chair or artwork. “It’s that eclectic piece that pulls all of the different elements in the room together because you can play up all the different colors and have fun with it.


On this side of the pond though we think Paisley has run its course to a degree in the world of interior design. Opening the January edition of House & Garden we caught an article focusing on paisley prints, but it was clear Paisley was starting to be a pattern to dominate what if you can call it a trend, as we commented in our review back in August of Zoffany’s latest Jaipur print and weaves collection.


In our round up of designer fabrics awards it was also noted how paisley prints were proving more popular amongst designer fabric ranges, even the winner of Homes and Gardens fabric awards was the rather special Bohemian Paisley fabric from Mulberry.


But lets look at some of the designer fabrics and brands then using the design in their curtain fashion so to speak.

Already seen above Osborne and Little used it on their front cover for their Verdanta collection back in March 2014 and called it Jaipur.


From the same stable of Osborne and Little, Nina Campbell fabrics included a very upbeat paisley design, Pamir, in her Cathay Parade fabric collection in September 2014.


That favoured french designer brand of Elitis fabrics introduced some very bold colourful designs of paisley curtain fabric back into their ranges in the form of Feliz and Saga.


Another French stalwart of design, Nobilis had the pattern defined in their Cachemir design.


Zoffany embraced the pattern in it’s Jaipur prints and weaves collection in September, naming it Jayshree



Under the watch of Jab fabrics, Soleil Bleu had this Filligree paisly design Seraphina.


The brilliant ranges of Romo Black fabrics featured the design in it’s Astratto collection this year, this time on upholstery.


So its clear the Paisley revolution in the UK began at the beginning of the year and followed through, but is certainly a look that gained momentum throughout 2014.

Some companies like Romo Black’s brother Mark Alexander fabrics continue to champion the look as you can see here in his new collection due for exhibit at Paris Deco Off in January.


Whenever, where ever, and whatever happened with Paisley, if your looking online for some curtain inspiration or curtain ideas then hopefully this will give you something to begin with.

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