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Unveiling Disney Home x Sanderson Fabrics and Wallpapers for AW23

Unveiling Disney Home x Sanderson Fabrics and Wallpapers for AW23

To mark Disney's centennial milestone, Sanderson has delved into its rich archives to bring you a mesmerizing blend of classic fabrics and wallpapers for Autumn/Winter 2023—each piece sprinkled with Disney's enchanting touch.

Imagine a world where Mickey and Minnie Mouse, alongside Snow White, turn your most whimsical dreams into reality right in your living room, bedroom, nursery, playroom and kitchen. This is all possible with Disney Home x Sanderson Fabrics and Disney Home x Sanderson Wallpaper collections.

This world is coming to Focus 23 at the Design Centre Chelsea in September and is already gaining alot of attention.

Proving this captivating collection is not just for kids; it offers a magical touch for people of all ages. Characters like Donald Duck, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and Bambi are all beautifully showcased. These designs blend Sanderson's signature hues and Disney's universally beloved characters into an aesthetic that speaks to everyone. Drawing inspiration from not just our extensive archives but also original Disney animation stills, posters, and character guidelines, these wallpapers and children's fabrics burst with nostalgia, all set in dessert-inspired colours that evoke cherished memories.

Explore the feedback on Sanderson facebook page or upto date on their instagram.

The collaboration between Sanderson and Disney is almost as old as Mickey Mouse himself! It dates back to 1928—the same year that Mickey made his debut in Steamboat Willie and subsequently became an icon in households worldwide. Fast forward to the 1930s, and Mickey was already a star of his own newspaper comic strip. Fast forward to today, nearly a century later, Sanderson is ecstatic to roll out a collection of original and meticulously reimagined fabrics and wallpapers that celebrate a parade of Disney's most iconic characters. Whether you are looking to reinvigorate your children's room or searching for that unique piece of nursery fabric by the metre, Disney Home x Sanderson has something magically timeless to offer.

Comprising of fourteen wallpapers and twelve fabrics, the collection presents a rich palette of twenty-five delectable shades. From the calming Puddle Blue and dreamy Whipped Cream to the cheerful Sugared Almond, luxurious Macaron Green, refreshing Sea Salt, and indulgent Chocolate, every hue has been carefully curated. The colours not only pay homage to archival aesthetics but are also meticulously designed to bring each piece into the contemporary age. This ensures that either as a beautiful children's wallpaper or nursery fabric each design feels as timeless today as they did in the past. Handcrafted in the UK, each wallpaper and fabric design brings a touch of Disney magic to any space. Whether you are in the market for kids wallpaper or contemplating the ideal nursery fabric this collection offers a rich tapestry of options that encapsulate the universal appeal of Disney, meticulously crafted by Sanderson.

Delving into a Legacy: The Historic Connection between Sanderson and Disney

Sanderson's intricate relationship with Disney is a storied one that takes us back nearly a century to 1928. That is the year Mickey Mouse charmed the world as Steamboat Willie, becoming not just a cultural phenomenon but also an enduring symbol of childhood wonder. Passed down from generation to generation,

Mickey's magic has a timeless allure, an appeal that Sanderson instantly recognized. As the 1930s unfolded, we were privileged to collaborate with The Walt Disney Company.

At their Perivale factory, they began the thrilling journey of crafting an innovative range of wallpapers, followed by complementary children's fabrics, produced in Uxbridge, England.

This early partnership between Sanderson and Disney received high praise, even catching the eye of royalty. HRH the Duke of York, who would later become King George VI, visited our Perivale facility to witness firsthand our pioneering collaborative work with Disney.

Fast forward to today, and they have dug deep into the Sanderson archives to revive this historic magic. Using original documents, animation stills, posters, and brochures as our guide, we have reimagined a collection featuring classics like Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Snow White—each rendered with a touch of contemporary magic to captivate new audiences.

Colour Stories in the Collection: Where Timeless Narratives Meet Modern Hues


A Colourful Take on Timeless Narratives:

The collection bursts with twenty-five mouth-watering shades that engage all senses, perfectly framing our character-rich prints and patterns. In familiar yet engaging colourways like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cashew, and Macaron Green, you will find warmth blended with a touch of fantastical whimsy.

These tones evoke a sense of home, but with an enchanting twist that only Disney magic can offer.

Pictured: Sanderson Dumbo Wallpaper


Vintage Storytelling through a Chocolate Box Palette:

Colours like Whipped Cream, Puddle Blue, and Chocolate are more than just visual treats—they are experiences waiting to be savoured.

Warm and inviting while being cheekily playful, these shades help construct a home environment as charming and familiar as the Disney characters we have all grown to love.

Pictured: Sanderson Alice In Wonderland Fabric


Classic Characters in a Pastoral Palette:

The Sanderson colour palette in this collection also journeys into the tranquil world of pastel hues, drawing from notes of blues and creams that echo the understated elegance of a bygone era.

Colours like Bonbon Blue and Sea Salt paint a vivid picture of nostalgic kitchen table delights, while Evening Blue introduces a serene, night-sky calmness to the collection.

Pictured: Sanderson Mickey Stripe Wallpaper

Highlighting Designs from the Collection: A Magical Tour

Bambi Fabric & Wallpaper

Discover a captivating woodland setting with Bambi and friends amidst the archival Sanderson florals. Rendered in four romantic colourways, this hand-painted gouache design breathes life into any space with its quintessentially English charm. The Bambi fabric design transports you to a serene forest wonderland, and is works with matching wallpaper.


101 Dalmatians Fabric & Wallpaper

Delve into the iconic tale of 101 Dalmatians Wallpaper with this uniquely designed wallpaper. Combining archival elements and scenes from the original movie, this playful, vintage-inspired design offers an eye-catching look perfect for children's bedroom wallpaper or as upholstery fabric for cushions and headboards.


Minnie on the Move

Join Minnie Mouse in her cheerful open-top car adventure! Inspired by a hand-painted wall sticker from our archives, Minnie on the Move fabric brings joy and personality in three fresh colourways. This design makes for vibrant children's upholstery and curtain fabric, turning any room into Minnie’s joyful roadway.



Step right up to the big top with Dumbo and his entertaining friends, including plumed horses, leaping tigers, and curious giraffes. This archive-inspired, hand-painted fabric tells the story of Dumbo's famous circus tour. Perfect as children's animal fabric or as nursery fabric by the metre for making a Roman blind, the Dumbo fabric design is a showstopper.


Hundred Acre Wood

Get your honey pots ready for a journey through the Hundred Acre Wood wallpaper and fabric design. This hand-painted map offers an endless playground for Winnie the Pooh and friends. This design is wonderful as children's map wallpaper and can be paired with striped fabric or a matching Roman blind for an adventurous look.


Mickey & Minnie Fabric & Wallpaper

Experience pure joy with Mickey and Minnie adventuring across this playful design, dating back to 1934. Produced to retain the original scale and colourways, this Mickey and Minnie Fabric designs serves as beautiful nursery fabric, but also doubles as matching wallpaper and Roman blind material for kitchens.


Mickey in the Clouds

Fly sky-high with Mickey Mouse amid cotton-candy clouds in this uplifting wallpaper panel. Produced first in 1930, this hand-painted design has been reimagined as a 300cm x 104cm mural, perfect as children's cloud wallpaper to elevate any room to new heights. Explore Mickey in the Clouds Wallpaper


Mickey Stripe

Blending Sanderson's classic Tiger Stripe fabric with the iconic poses of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, this design is versatile and fun. Perfect as striped nursery wallpaper, Mickey’s playful poses bring a sense of nostalgia to modern settings on the Mickey Stripe Wallpaper.


Winnie the Pooh

Stroll through England's enchanted ancient woodland with this delicately coloured Winnie the Pooh Fabric design. Hand-painted in watercolour, this fabric and wallpaper serve as beautiful children's toile de jouy fabric and curtain material.


Peter Pan

Gaze in wonder with this Peter Pan Wallpaper as he soars over London's iconic skyline in this hand-painted mural. Ideal as vintage nursery or playroom wallpaper, this design brings a magical nighttime adventure right into your home.


Snow White

Step into a classic with this Snow-White wallpaper, a design faithfully adapted from the original 1938 archive document. Featuring 1930s-inspired colourways, this wallpaper is a timeless option for kids' rooms.


Alice in Wonderland

Follow the White Rabbit into a fantastical realm where Alice meets an array of whimsical characters. Specially created for this collection and based on original Disney artwork, this Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper design brings the story to life, making it a piece of beautiful children's wallpaper for any space.


In each stroke of hand-painted design, in each carefully crafted pattern, the Disney Home x Sanderson collection offers more than just beautiful children's wallpaper and luxurious fabrics. It presents a narrative, a piece of history interwoven with the magic of storytelling, perfect for both the young and the young at heart. The collection's vintage palette, inspired by delicious dessert hues, seamlessly blends with various interior schemes, allowing for a diverse range of applications—from whimsical kids' bedrooms to nostalgic adult spaces.

For those looking to elevate these magical themes, Melford Stripe from Sanderson's Melford Weaves collection provides the perfect complement. This mid-weight weave made from cotton and viscose can be paired effortlessly with designs such as Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, or Snow White, offering a textural pinstripe that evokes a classic country look. To truly bring your dreamy interiors to life, TM Interiors offers a plethora of additional services. From custom curtains and bespoke headboards to made-to-measure roman blinds, our design advice ensures your chosen products will shine in their best light. Whether you're interested in net curtains made to measure or exploring the possibilities of made-to-measure blackout curtains and voile curtains, our experts can assist in the design and decoration of your home or project. Offering a comprehensive suite of made-to-measure curtains online, including custom made Roman blinds, custom length curtains, and bespoke curtains, TM Interiors is your go-to destination for achieving a magical home ambiance.

As we like to say, a little bit of magic is just a swatch—or a click—away. Let the adventure begin!